‘Progress is Not Linear’.


Despite what people say about Zoella (particularly in the media), I think she is a fantastic role model for young girls and although I may not watch every single one of her videos, I will often choose a vlog from various Youtubers to watch whilst I am getting ready in the morning and these will often be one of hers. What makes Zoe one of my favourite female Youtubers is that she is so honest and down-to-earth, particularly in the case of mental health, often using her videos as a platform to reach out to young people who might have similar issues. And with the stigma surrounding mental health, I believe that people talking about their mental health problems, like Zoe, are at the forefront of changing that stigma.

A few days ago, I was watching a vlog where Zoe talked about her anxiety surrounding train travel and bravely vlogged her first trip on a train in years for both herself to remember and as a benefit to her viewers. Now, the comment section on youtube videos has been a ‘no-go’ for a long time as they are often strewn with self-promos, ads and hate, but in this instance, I scrolled down and saw a long comment from a viewer talking about Zoe’s video, finishing it with: ‘Progress isn’t linear’.

For some reason, these few words stuck with me (in fact, I screenshot the comment so I wouldn’t forget it). From what I can remember, I hadn’t had the best of days and was feeling a bit as if I was failing. That comment reminded me that, yes, the past couple of days hadn’t gone as planned but I was still making long-term progress, despite it not being as straightforward as I’d have liked.

The reason I write about this now is because I think it is important to remember that ‘progress is not linear’ in all walks of life. Whether it be facing fears, assessments, work, relationships – you are always moving forwards. There might be the occasional slip in the road but one step back often means that the next will be two steps forward (creds to State Champs for that thought). Remember: progress is progress, no matter the speed.


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