Ready for the Next Chapter.


‘What feels like the end is often the beginning’ – Unknown.

Being a creative writing student and a lifelong book-nerd, it is fair to say I join the many when I look back on my life in chapters. Each time I reach the end of a chapter, I am initially sad that it is over but have learnt to embrace the change that the next chapter brings (in fact, I wrote about this a few years ago in my blog post ‘Change‘).

In a few months, the chapter of my life I am currently living is going to come to a close. And I’ll admit that I have never been so eager for it to end.

Don’t get me wrong, my time at university has been enjoyable. But it’s also, at times, been terrible. And I’m tired.

Over the past two and a half years, I feel like I’ve grown and learnt so much about myself as a person. But now I sense that I am ready to progress again but am limited by my current position. It’s for this reason that I am excited to finish university. Not only will the workload and deadlines subside but I feel like I will finally be able to make more progress towards the person I want to become.

A new chapter approaches; the beginning of the rest of my life.



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