I’ve stopped making resolutions. Well, kind of. If you ask me if I have any new year resolutions for 2017, I will tell you no.

I find that every year I make resolutions for the coming year, it’s almost as if I’m resigning myself to fail. So this year instead of making resolutions, I decided to just make a mental note of the things I’d like out of 2017 before December 31st.

First and foremost, I’d like to graduate from university with a 2.1. and I think I’m currently on track to achieve this.

Secondly, I want to prove to myself that I can face my fears. At uni, I face fears most days and I am determined to try my very best to be stronger than those fears so I can look back on my years at university and say ‘hell yeah, I did that.’

Thirdly, I want to use this year to find the balance between trying new things and recognising when it’s okay to say no, go home and spend some time on my own.

Lastly, I want to write more. And this year, I mean it. I have a very large piece of creative writing coursework to complete this year so I’m hoping that will push me to try and write a little everyday.

For me, 2017 is going to be a bit of a selfish year. I think everyone needs to take the time to find happiness in who they are and now more than ever, I need that time to be now. So this year I’m going to work on it to the best of my ability.
Exciting times are ahead!



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