FEBRUARY & the Busiest Term of 2016 so far

5 weeks
9 train journeys
4 assignments
6 bands
And 1 famous actor

The past month has officially been one of the busiest and most exciting of my twentieth year so far.

And what’s more, 6 of those train journeys were in the past week…

Okay, first things first…

^ Literally my reaction before, during and after.

My friends and I have got quite the line up of music gigs booked this year and last week kicked it off with a bang with ATL, GC and SC – all in the space of a week!

 It was the second time we’d seen State Champs and they were as awesome as ever, playing songs from their new album such as Secrets and ending it on their all time classic Elevated – hearing this song performed live will never get old. SC were touring alongside a band called Neck Deep – these guys are pretty new to me but they played some of my personal faves including Kali Ma and December.

The following Wednesday, I made the same 3 hour train journey down the country to see ATL. It was the first time seeing these guys and they were phenomenal (for anyone reading who went to the Cardiff gig, we were stood in the ‘puke pit’ ;) ). When we’d booked the tickets back in October last year, we hadn’t known that Good Charlotte would be supporting so seeing these guys was an added bonus and they didn’t disappoint. Plus they played my personal fave Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous so I was over the moon.

So after all the excitement, all of the singing and all of the money spent on band merch that I will now be wearing everyday for the next three months, I (unfortunately) had one more day of uni left before reading week so got back on the train and headed North.

It was late on Thursday afternoon and I had a 25 minute stop over whilst waiting for my next train. Being Winter and England, the platform was freezing so I picked up THE BIGGEST cup of tea I’ve ever laid eyes on (seriously, it was massive) and sat in the station waiting area. Somewhere in the midst of checking the timetable behind me and wiping up the tea I’d (somehow) managed to spill, I noticed a familiar looking man in the bar area of the station and stared at him, trying to figure out where I’d seen him before (I wouldn’t usually do this to avoid being rude but I was sat far enough away that he couldn’t tell that I was looking at him). I remember thinking: ‘I’m sure that’s the guy from The Hobbit…’ though I couldn’t remember his name and I’d used up most of the battery on my phone on the previous train so didn’t want to look it up. Eventually I had to leave for my platform so I never did find out if it was actually him but I am 98% sure that Monroe, The Missing and The Hobbit actor James Nesbitt was sat in that train station!

It’s been quite the term. I also managed to hand in 4 assignments over that time (even if I did stay up til 4:30 am finishing a couple) and somehow squeezed in all 6 seasons of Pretty Little Liars…

Until next time :)



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