New Beginnings!

“The word adventure has gotten overused. For me, when everything goes wrong, that’s when the adventure starts” – Unknown

I don’t know where or who that quote’s from but I came across it the other day as I scrolled through the quotes app on my phone. I think it describes me pretty well – I remember on a trip to Wales one week last summer, the Sat-Nav took my friend and I down some tight, country road in the opposite direction of the way we were supposed to be going. When we reached the end of the lane, I turned the car around (much to the Sat-Navs frustration of “Make a U-turn when possible”!) and said to my friend: “Right, let’s go on an adventure!”

I’ve had a few big adventures in my life (holidays and trips to Europe and Africa of the sort) but I haven’t really ever taken much time to look at the little adventures. This can just be trying something new (I often refer to this as “YOLO-ing it” – I don’t think that’s even a proper grammatical term – I’ll take this time to apologize to my English teachers who wouldn’t be too proud of my awful grammar!) It can also just be having more courage and throwing myself into things a bit more. So, even though I’m not really one for new years resolutions, I’ve made a resolution for 2014 to be more adventurous, hence this blog!

So, I guess I better introduce myself a bit – I’m Em, I like baking cakes, inspirational stuff (hence the quote above and the fact that I have a quotes app on my phone!) and overall the little successes and adventures in life! What can you expect me to blog then, I hear you ask. Well, it’ll be the little adventures in life (and maybe a few big ones too!) including day-to-day things, cakes I make, the odd film review… maybe… possibly… well okay, I’ll be honest with you – I’m not entirely sure yet! But I guess it will be stuff that I feel like writing, whether it’s to get it off my chest or just for fun! So, I hope you enjoy reading and sharing my adventures with me!


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